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The world is ruled by codes. How to talk, laugh, dress or be, and even about how to code. But if you want to create opportunities, you need to challenge all of these. The code says leave banking to bankers. We challenge that. Our bank was founded by outsiders: engineers thinking out of the bank, not here to protect a legacy, but to solve issues the others couldn’t see. The code says bankers need suits.We challenge that. We wear what suits us best. What suits us is to think, manage, dare and invest; and it turns out ties reduce the blood flow to your brain. The code says do what everyone has done before.We challenge that. We work hard to be different, otherwise you’ll be indifferent. The code says only pros can invest. We challenge that. We free you of the heavy fees, teach you the tricks of the business. We simplify buying, selling and make you sharp, so you can focus on opportunities. The code says online banks are shaky. We challenge that. We offer rock-solid Swiss stability, so you can rock with your money. The code says banks don’t care. We challenge that. We love numbers, but we don’t treat anyone like one. We become strong by making our clients stronger, and that’s why: We challenge the code.

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