New Data Validation Feature Syncs Up LinkedIn Sales Navigator, CRMs

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LinkedIn took the wraps off several new features and updates for its Sales Navigator, highlighted by Data Validation, which enhances integrations with customer relationship management platforms.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions vice president of product management Doug Camplejohn pointed out in a blog post that one out of every five decision-makers changes jobs every year, leading to the risk of CRM data becoming stale.

The new Data Validation feature automatically flags when a contact is no longer at the company listed in the CRM, and Camplejohn said the Not at Company Flag field can be used to trigger activities such as contact cleanups, removals from marketing campaigns or leveraging the information with other applications that sync to the CRM.

Three reports will be available via that field as it debuts:

  • Opportunities at risk: Proactively identifying when a buyer left an open opportunity.
  • Past customers at new companies: Identifying contacts at current customers who joined new companies.
  • Out-of-date contacts: Displaying all potential contacts that need to be updated.

Sales Navigator administrators gain access to new metrics, including:

  • InMail performance stats: Representatives’ InMail acceptance rates—positive responses from members—are available for the first time.
  • Expertise level: Each team member’s Coach level is displayed, giving admins a better handle on who needs more training.
  • New filters and exports: Data can now be filtered by custom date ranges, groups and users, and an improved CSV export enables admins to filter out inactive users.
  • Data update: Saved leads and saved accounts were updated to include all save actions, providing a more accurate view of activity on a specific day.

Geography data from Microsoft corporate sibling Bing was added to Sales Navigator, along with coverage for 2.4 million additional cities and over 2,000 new states and provinces, with Camplejohn writing, “With the growing number of remote workers, cross-office teams and global workforces, your contacts are growing more geographically diverse by the day.”

Camplejohn added that one of the best times to reach out to a prospect is immediately following a capital infusion, and LinkedIn’s new Funding Events Spotlight brings related updates to the top of search results within the Spotlight tab.

Sales Navigator also had two new saved account alerts: The first is triggered when a saved account adds headcount—specifically if there is growth of over 5% in 90 days—and the second occurs when there are new hires in senior leadership positions.

More than 1.6 million lists have been created on the professional network to date, and list owners can now assign View Only or Edit permissions for collaborators.

Edit permissions enable them to add, remove and comment on leads or accounts within shared lists, with alerts sent to collaborators when such activity occurs on custom lists, or when there are new comments.

The Sales Navigator Application Platform added integrations with Tableau and PowerBI, with Camplejohn writing, “These new integrations allow you to view and analyze Sales Navigator usage data in your preferred business intelligence platform with several new workbook templates that are ready to use right away.”

Sales Navigator’s integration with Oracle Sales Cloud added embedded profiles on lead and account pages to contacts, which were already supported.

Finally, starting this quarter, all Sales Navigator users on shared contracts will gain access to new feature releases simultaneously. Camplejohn concluded, “This will provide a more seamless experience for users who may be collaborating on Sales Navigator, and it simplifies efforts for administrators planning training or enablement activities.”

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