Pringles: Hunger Hammer

Pringles has unveiled a gaming headset that does double-duty as an automatic chip dispenser. Hungry gamers can stay on their controllers and be fed chips hands-free by the Pringles “Hunger Hammer” as they play on.

The new invention prototype promotes the brand’s partnership with new “Gears 5” first-person shooter game and connects gamers and their followers on Twitch. Pringles has been growing its presence in the gaming world and more than doubled its investment in eSports in 2019. For its promotion with “Gears 5,” each Pringles can has a code that can be used to unlock a three-day boost in the game.

Pringles has hired Twitch gaming influencers Criken, DexBonus, and Strippin to beta-test the Hunger Hammer playing “Gears 5” during live streams over the next few weeks and is running ads on Twitch to promote its “Gears 5” partnership.

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