Sea Shepherd: Operation Ocean

the Christmas countdown has begun and shoppers are getting into the present-hunting rush. But what they don’t always take into account is overconsumption and its increasingly drastic effects on our environment. Plastics, deforestation, transport, this time of year has a detrimental impact on our planet. To call attention to the suffering marine animals face due to overconsumption, Sea Shepherd and agency Braaxe decided to remake the classic game ‘Operation’. Introducing ‘Operation Ocean’, where players must save a dolphin threatened by ocean waste.

In less than a month, children around the world will wake up on Christmas day to a host of presents under the tree – an estimated 60 million toys in France alone. That means lots of packaging and gift wrap, not all of which is easily recyclable. It’s also a time of feasting, when consumption of meat and fish, particularly salmon rises. Unfortunately, salmon farming has crushing consequences on the environment – for every kilogram of farmed salmon, 7 kilograms of wild fish lose their life. Sea Shepherd France, the independent NGO that relentlessly tracks down those responsible for the most harmful effects on our oceans, is hoping to raise awareness through ‘Operation Ocean’. Everyone knows the rules of the traditional version: meticulously remove different body parts from Cavity Sam without touching him directly. ‘Operation Ocean’ gives players the chance to save a dolphin, by removing a fish hook, net, toothbrush, chemical bottle or cigarette butt.


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