Pringles Created a Ridiculous, Questionably Effective Way to Put Chips in Gamers’ Mouths

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Gamers know the experience when they are deep into a session and really want a snack but can’t bear to take their hands away from the controller for even a second.

To satisfy even the most focused of gamers, Pringles created the “Hunger Hammer,” the perfect gag gift for the holidays. The brand and agency Grey 3D-printed some parts and slapped them on a gaming headset creating an awkward—and hilarious—product to deliver Pringles directly to a gamer’s mouth, no hands needed.

“It’s a unique—and ridiculous—product, created exclusively for Pringles,” said John Patroulis, chief creative officer for Grey. “Like everything, we started with an insight (gamers hate to stop playing to snack) and figured out a way to solve it. And we did it in a way only Pringles could as a result of its unique stacking quality—and their sense of irreverence.”

To be clear, this isn’t an actual product that any gamer would actually want to use. Nor is it widely available.

It’s loud, which ruins game experiences. Pushing a button is required to deliver a chip, which somewhat defeats the hands-free purpose. And the thing isn’t exactly accurate as chips get awkwardly thrown in the general vicinity of one’s mouth. But if you ignore those obvious (and purposeful) design flaws, it’s a funny product that will get a chuckle out of a gamer—and that’s really the whole point.

“Twitch and the gaming community has received the project with a good sense of humor,” Patroulis continued. “In fact, during our first live stream on Twitch with [gamer] Criken wearing the headset, our stream more than doubled the Twitch chat activity—with the vast majority being positive. There is an irreverence in the gaming community we wanted to tap into, and serving them individual Pringles from an electronic arm fed from a Pringles-dispensing headset modification seems to be doing the trick.”

Criken’s sponsored stream with Pringles saw his highest peak viewership of the past week, beating out all of his non-sponsored streams—a rare occurrence in gaming.

This also gives streamers an incentive to partner with brands. All it takes is a funny product or authentic interaction, and brand partnerships can often be mutually beneficial. Gaming viewers will eventually get tired of seeing ads but, for now, brands are welcome—and often celebrated for being part of the fun.

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