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212Andme (In Construction)

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212AndMe is a lottery drawing service where we can offer different automotive presents from all of our projects.

For example, you can win in a lottery such services connected with vehicles as:

  • car’s free rent for 2 years
  • LCV free rent for 1 year
  • Сommercial vehicle leasing discount
  • Tuning package for your car
  • Car accesories
  • etc

212auto is the family of automotive services for motorists. We provide different services – from marketplace to financial services. That’s why we have access to different lucrative offers from automotive service providers, which we want to share with you.

Without objection, without a doubt! Machines fully make all the draw process. The downloaded list can no longer be modified or forged. After the draw, the results become final and permanent. Participants could request a list and find out for sure if they were really on the list.