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212Quest (In Construction)

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How in one evening to gain funny car entertainment, meet with friends, have a warm-up for the brain, and some gamble? Take part in the auto quest!

An auto quest is not just cool entertainment. It is a 3-in-1.

It is excitement. You can take a chance and win. Moreover, if in classic gambling, everything is decided by chance, in the quest, it all depends on you.

It is a quest. You participate in a competition for ingenuity – this is an exciting adventure in the real world with riddles and inspiring locations.

It is a race. You compete with other participants. But since the outcome depends more on your ingenuity than on the speed of the car, it is safe. Yes, and the race takes place on public roads.

Now imagine what will happen if you implement auto-quests based on a convenient and modern mobile application? All tasks, hints, instructions, and checkpoints are in the participants ’smartphones. Cool!


And if you can do auto-quests in any country in the world? When all the quests at home have already passed – go on. Or have fun on vacation. Is it even more exciting?


And what will happen if you add the ability to watch broadcasts and bet on participants to the application? It will turn out just a bomb from excitement, races, and quests!

It will be an international platform for organizing smart car racing with betting based on a mobile application. A platform that will bring together around the world smart, gambling, active, and wealthy people who love fast driving, an active lifestyle, exciting puzzles, and modern technology.