212Trips (In Construction)

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Imagine a travel agency where you can not buy a tour of the Caribbean islands on the vessel. And a romantic weekend in Paris is also impossible. And a ticket to the resorts of Thailand they will not provide. Why?
Just because 212trips only deals with unusual travels. Those that no one does. But at the same time for ordinary people – not for climbers, extreme fans, rafters, or anyone else. And for ordinary car owners, travel enthusiasts, and fans of new discoveries.


With this agency you can:

  • Cross all US from New York to Los Angeles.
  • Drive the “motorcyclist path” in South America, which Che Guevara drove.
  • Overcome one of the routes of the Dakar race.
  • Drive 1,000 kilometers in a national park in Tanzania during the migration of 2 million antelopes.
  • Set off to the north of Norway to the auroras, fjords, and Vikings’ descendants.
  • Ride a tank in Russia.


Any trip that your imagination describes you can become real. Because if a person indeed dreams of something, then even the Universe helps him.

Now imagine a site on which all lovers of such non-standard travel gather:

  1. A travel agency – organizer.
  2. Partners, which posts information about their trips.
  3. Fans of exciting travel, who offer their selections and are looking for travel companions.

It turns out a massive community of people who like to travel like no one else has done!


By accessing the site, you can:

  • Fill out the profile. The more information he provides about himself, the more confidence he inspires from other travelers.
  • Offer trips to others. A large number of different parameters discussed: location, approximate dates, type of trip, budget, the purpose of the journey, preferences in travel companions, etc.
  • Search among people who have offered their trips to search for exciting trips and/or dating.
  • View the trips that we will post on the site.
  • View the offers of our partners who share our values ​​in organizing interesting trips.
  • Discuss various trips and travel nuances with other users in the discussion section.
  • Chat with other users in private messages to arrange a trip.


Our goal is to popularize travel, especially car travel, and make them more accessible because, on such trips, you can share costs and save.